Friday, February 24, 2012

Greetings From Amsterdam!!

Well, we have been in Europe for a week now! Oh, by the way I don't think I really said anything, we planned a 2 week trip to Europe. Which a week has gone by already. time flys! 
We landed in Amsterdam last Thursday, and headed straight to Germany. We drove all over Germany, parts of Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. We will be heading to France tomorrow and England on Sunday.

Waiting at the Houston, TX airport, we spent the night in Houston before we flew out the next day at 3:45 P.M. and arrived.......

in Amsterdam, Netherlands 9 hours later at 8:15 A.M. 
I slept an hour and a half the entire flight!! I was pretty excited to get here and to get that nice little stamp in my passport book.

We met our friends, Brady and Kelly Briggs in Amsterdam. They picked us up at the airport, on their way in from Belgium. They are living in France and we met up to take the tour of Germany and surrounding countries together.
We drove from Amsterdam straight into Germany.

This is the world's largest church, it is located on Cologne, Germany.

It is HUGE!! And very, very cold inside.

We spent a night at the Frankfurt Temple. The buildings on the right are room and board for those who have to travel a ways to visit the temple.

We stopped in Heidelberg, and saw the Heidelberg Castle. 

It was a beautiful place! 

Makes me wonder when the side fell off, and why it didn't fall forward?
You MUST try the Heidelberrie flavored ice cream when you go into the town of Heidelberg. 
It was awesome!!

We headed from Heidelberg to Switzerland, this is us somewhere on the drive through the Alps.

Brady and Dave decided to throw some snowballs.

We got to see a gorgeous sunset while driving through the Swiss Alps.

I will have to post about our stop in Zurich next time we have internet service. I kind of regret not updating as we have gone along our journey, but I either haven't had internet service, too busy or too tired to write. We are cramming a lot into the amount of time we are here. 
It is freaking awesome!!


Kurt and Kristy said...

So glad you posted!!! I've been dying to see how it's going! An hour and a half?? I bet you were tired! ;) Thanks for the update! Looks like you're having a great time!! Keep it going (we miss you though!)

Eli and Candace said...

Love the pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip!