Thursday, June 26, 2014

Anybody there???

After a long year and 4 months apart, the Dude and I are back living under the same roof. 
Can I get a "Hallelujah"!!
Not only are we under the same roof, but we bought the roof we are now living under. 
Where you ask?
In the great state of Idaho. The city of Idaho Falls to be exact! 
That's right, we be potato farmers now.
Joking, I wish we had enough property to be potato farmers. 
We live in a cute little modest home with a nice front AND backyard.
Tour of the house will follow this little post.
With us now living together, I truly hope I will get out the slump I was in of not posting on this here blog. Don't hold me to a post everyday, but I hope I will at least get one a week in. 
Maybe I will do a little catch up as well, the Dude and I did a bit a traveling this past year.
To those of you who still look at this, welcome back! 

*Note: These pictures of the house are not mine, there are from the ads when it was listed. I will most likely post pictures of what it looks now with us in it, when I feel like we are at a point to do that, we have a long list of projects we would like to accomplish.

 *Another Note: Obviously, there is no snow here right now, the backyard is nice and green! And in addition to the rooms you saw, there is also a good sized laundry/storage room and an unfinished bedroom downstairs as well.
We are loving it!!