Friday, October 26, 2012

Mom's Birthday in Disneyland

Here I am, blogging from the airport yet again. 

For my Mom's birthday this year, we decided as a family we would go to Disneyland to celebrate it, my Mom loves Disneyland. 
We had a great time!! 
We missed those in the family who were unable to come, but I'm hoping that we will go again, and all of us will be able to go.

The 7 of us that went, all crammed into a 7 passenger mini-van, it was a tight cozy fit to say the least. 

After the 13 hour drive, we finally made it to Anaheim!! 
Disneyland was all ready for Halloween. I love fall, and this just added to my excitement. 

Blake was just a wee bit excited to get in the park.

Nick was the only one that would look at me and smile for the camera!!

The birthday girl!!

We rode Splash Mountain first, I sat in the front and got soaked!! Luckily, the weather was hot so I dried off quick!

Tough guy...

Not as tough as them though!
(Dave I honestly think you are tougher, just don't tell Nick and Robin...)

I met my all time favorite Diseny character, who doesn't love Donald Duck?!

The quartet sang to Mom on her actual birthday. They sang "Happy Birthday" better then any of us could....except maybe Blake...

Sleeping Beauty and the Princess Birthday Girl.

Blake was most excited to meet the Princesses of the castle.

Don't you think Dave has got the Princess stance down? He's better at then Sleeping Beauty herself!

What a great bunch!

Waiting in the longest line ever for The Cars ride. Well worth the wait.

Dave's favorite ride of the whole trip, as soon as we got off he was asking if we could ride it again.

Waiting for the Color Show to start.

Waiting in line for Space Mountain.

Mmm...the turkey leg...

We couldn't pass up on the Dole Pineapple Whip, it was so good on that hot day.

By the end of the third day my feet were a barking, none of us were walking too well. I was so happy to see that wonderful bed in the hotel when were done. It was great to spend time with the family.

You were good to us Disneyland, we will be back!

Mom I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I love you!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello from Durango

Well hello to all you who still check up on this blog from time to time!

We don't have internet at our new home, so I haven't been good at doing anything on the internet lately. Dave called over 5 different internet providers and none of them could provide service to us. Awesome. So that is why I am blogging from the airport. Thank goodness for free WIFI. 

I'll try to give a recap of what we have been up to. 

We have been in Durango now since middle of July for Dave, and middle of August for me. 

Those are called mountains, and I have missed them dearly!! 

"That there is an RV. It's a good looking vehicle ain't it? But don't you go falling in love with it now, cause we're taking it with us when we leave here next month....." or next year. :)

The furball will still be here to greet you.

We drove/flew home to see these two love birds get hitched on August 11th. Congrats Lindsey and Brian!!

These two goofballs, stole my camera.

We also celebrated this man's 62nd birthday! 
Dad, you are by far one of my favorite people.

Saw some beautiful scenery on the drive home.

We went and enjoyed the local Bar D's dinner and show. 

Ah, so so pretty.

I have much more to blog about, like our trip to Disneyland for Mom's birthday, my trip to Hawaii with Meg, and the food we have been cooking. I will have to save those for another day. I just wanted to give you and update on what the Harwards have been up to. 
Until next time!