Thursday, July 16, 2015


Apparently we should have been more on top of checking the chicken coop for eggs! I found these two just hanging out in one of the nesting boxes tucked up in the far corner.

Now hurry up chickens and lay some more before I run out and need to buy some!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shoshone Falls

The Dude and I took a quick road trip to Shoshone Falls. We needed to stop in Burley to get a gun fixed and figured we would drive the extra 40 minutes to the Falls. Well worth it! 
As you can tell, we stopped and got lunch. There was a Papa Kelsey's Pizza at the local gas station, expensive pizza, but it was yummy! They were out of medium sized pizza dough and upgraded us to large for no charge, score!

Absolutely breathtaking! I even got a rainbow in the shot!

The view was gorgeous in both directions! That fellow hogging the frame makes this picture even better.

Proof that I wear shorts, and proof as to why I really shouldn't....

This guy even hung around long enough for me to take his picture before he scurried off!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Family Reunion 2015

This past weekend we had a family reunion for my Mom's side. It was great!!
We got to sit and visit with one another, enjoy the beautiful weather, hang out in the pool my Aunt has, and eat delicious food. I declare it was a success!

Oh! We also had bubbles galore!

Three of my favorite people all in one picture, even if the one in the back tried to avoid being in the picture....

This kid is a fish! He loved the water!

My cute niece love, loved the bouncy house!

And the water...for the most part.

Can you tell I think she is adorable???

What a group!! These people are awesome, love them all!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Oakley Rodeo over the 4th of July

For as long as I have been married to the Dude, his family has attended the Oakley Rodeo during the 4th of July. This year we were able to attend with them. It ended up just being us and the Dude's parents, the rest of the family had other plans.

This is the only picture I got of any of the events because...

We got dumped on with rain and ended up wearing garbage bags to keep us dry!!
This is the 2nd time this has happened to us at this rodeo, you think we would wise up and dress appropriately. 

I may be late in saying it, but I am so grateful for this wonderful country we live in. America you never cease to amaze me with your beauty and wonder. I pray that you will continue to be that great nation that our founding Fathers fought for and hoped you would be become.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

I love, love, loved this dish!! It was so good!! 
Delicious salmon rubbed down with some spices, topped with an awesome avocado salsa, you just can't go wrong!
This picture doesn't do it justice to how yummy this dish was. If I am not convincing enough scroll down past the recipe and click on the link to where I got the recipe from. Her pictures will for sure convince you, you should make this for dinner asap!
If if don't have a grill, no problem! We used our panini press to grill this up, and it only took 5 minutes to cook! You do need to let the rub marinade for about 30 minutes on the fish, but while that is marinading you can quickly whip up the salsa and have dinner on the table in 40 minutes flat.
Again, do yourself a favor, make this!

2 lbs salmon, cut into 4 pieces
1 tbs olive oil (I used light extra virgin olive oil)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp paprika powder
1 tsp onion powder
½ tsp ancho chili powder
1 tsp black pepper

For the Avocado salsa:
1 avocado, sliced
½ small red onion, sliced
Juice from 2 limes
1-2 tbs finely chopped cilantro (depending on how big of a cilantro lover you are)
Salt to taste

Mix the salt, chili powder, cumin, paprika, onion and black pepper together, rub the salmon fillets with olive oil and this seasoning mix
refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
Pre-heat the grill.
Combine the avocado, onion, cilantro, lime juice, and salt in a bowl and mix well, chill until ready to use.
Grill the salmon to desired doneness. (I grilled for about 5 minutes)
Top with avocado salsa and enjoy!

Recipe from: The Cooke Rookie

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Garden Update

I have my first pickling cucumber!! I didn't even notice it was there until my Dad pointed it out to me. So exciting!!

My neighbor was so kind and picked me up two more pickling cucumber plants since my other two cucumber plants that I started from seed bit the dust. Here is to hoping I will get to pickle more than just one cucumber this year!

My chocolate cherry tomatoes are doing awesome!! I can't wait to try this tomato!

This is two of my basil plants, they are starting to get bushy. The third plant I put in a pot and it was so, so tall until the wind blew it over. That wasn't the only thing the wind ruined, sigh.

It also ruined that middle broccoli plant with the now saggy leaves. It was HUGE and doing so well! I was so sad to see it just go limp and lifeless, I honestly don't know if it will overcome the beating it took. 
The Dude isn't too worried about not having fresh broccoli.

But look at that cabbage!! And those green beans that finally decided to pop up after I had to replant them. They had gotten washed out from all the rain we had.


I have never grown spinach or lettuce before, it is interesting to me see how they grow.

Sugar snap peas got a little wind blow, but they are getting blossoms on them so that is a good sign!
The carrots in the row next to them are still small and sparse, and my parsnips are starting to pop up!!

The squash is holding pretty well. I did have to replant the zucchini, I put three seeds in the ground and a wall of water around and voila! It is the plant in the front, looks pretty good I think!

The pepper plants seem to be doing great, they are still pretty short though. I am waiting for their growth spurt to hit.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with the garden. I like to sit at look at from my kitchen table, it makes me happy.