Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tragedy Has Struck at Harward Hollow

My husband and I received some devastating news today, my in-laws cabin burned down last night due to a lightning strike. 

This is what their cabin looked like roughly just over 24 hours ago. It was a beautiful place, full of many wonderful memories.

During the fire, nobody was here luckily when the home was hit. These pictures were taken by neighbors that came to help. They tried their best to get it under control, but the fire was too big and too hot for the little fire truck they had. Three fire trucks responded to the 911 call to help put out the flames.

This is what the damage looks like after the fire was put out.

The backside is where it got it the worst, they said the lightning struck the top right room in this picture.

This is the master bedroom, that pile of curly springs is my in-laws mattress.

Words can not express how sad we are right now, it is even harder since we are 1,000 miles away. 
Dave's Dad  has spent almost 12 years of his life building this magnificent structure. The family all pitched in time and energy to help him. They stacked those logs one by one, and he had just barley put up that nice wrap around porch 2 years ago. He had completed something that so many people got to enjoy. 
I really liked how my sister-in-law Jamie worded it, 
"In one flash of lightning everything my parents worked, lived and dreamed for is gone. I can't even describe the feeling. I am so grateful for my family and memories, but feeling overwhelmed with sadness."

The house may be gone but the memories will last forever!

 Check out my sister-in-law's Shelly's blog for more on this horrfic event:
And Then There Were Three


Rat Fam said...

How devestating! :( I would be sad too . . . Sheesh I am and it isn't even mine. Darn Mother Nature

Brian & Erin said...

SAD!!! I am so sorry! :(

Brandon and Krystyn said...

we have been to your cabin and have some great memories from there also. I am so sad that happened. So glad no one was hurt.
Our thoughts are with you.
Love Aunt Julie

Valerie said...

that is horrible hollie. so sorry!