Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

Who has heard of the wonderful organization called Bountiful Baskets?
They are a food co-op that sells laundry sized baskets full of fruit and veggies, 50% is fruit, 50% is vegetables. 
Some wonderful ladies in Lubbock decided we needed Bountiful Baskets and organized a pick up site to get this delicious food. Our first pick up was yesterday. There are pick up sites all over, there might even be one in the state you and hopefully close enough that you can reap the benefits of this wonderful food co-op. The food will be separated in laundry baskets and you bring a basket or bags so that you can take home your order. They have an order you can purchase every other week.
You can also order other wonderful things, like homemade bread, sometimes they have tortilla packages, granola, certain fruit or vegetables in bulk. This last time you could get a 30 lb. bag of Hatch chilies. 
From my picture you can tell I got more then enough for me and the hubby. I think he likes that we got pears and a cantaloupe since I don't eat either of those types of fruits so I never buy them.
Check out their site, and give it a try! I have loved getting so much produce for a great price.

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Eli and Candace said...

I was planning on signing up tomorrow - so thanks for the picture, it solidifies my decision to do so. My mom and sisters have been doing this and love it too. And by the way, your pepperoni pizza bread looks DeLicious!