Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Free Entrance to National Parks

The Dude and I took a quick trip up to Yellowstone yesterday. From April 16 -April 24 you can get into the national parks for free! We had to take advantage of it. Not all of Yellowstone park is open, some loops are still closed till May, but that was okay since we went for just a quick visit.

The Bison were everywhere!!

The day was absolutely beautiful!!

Bison are such LARGE animals!

Yet they trod so lightly, when they walked on the pavement you could barely hear it.

The last time there was a buffalo traffic jam for me in Yellowstone was when my family went when I was like 6...8...any way, along time ago!

The Dude kept asking me to roll down my window to take pictures, it was a little unnerving to be that close to them!!

It was freezing by Old Faithful!! The ice cream shop wasn't open yet for the season, The Dude was disappointed.

See, freezing!! 
We also saw a bald eagle catching a fish from the river, two cow elk, and one moose eating in the river as we drove home through Island park.
It was a fantastic drive through this beautiful world we live in.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Is In The Air

I cannot believe it is already the 10th of April! Where has the time gone?!
Though I am sad that time is going by so quickly, I am beyond ready for spring! Warmer weather, spring cleaning, flowers, gardening, the lovely color of green everywhere! 
I love this time of year!

My brother and his cute little family came and spent the weekend before Easter with us. It was the best having them here! We look forward to another visit soon!

My niece LOVED dying Easter eggs!

They turned out so colorful! 
(Autumn tablecloths are the new style for Easter decor.)

This Dude celebrated his birthday! He likes this picture of them both trying to blow out his candles. Fuzzy phone quality photo.

We got a head start and tilled our garden yesterday. It is a nice feeling knowing it is already done for the year.

This is the first time I have ever grown spring garlic, let alone garlic in general. It is coming in quite nicely!

Lettuce is popping up!!

Spinach is too! (The Dude is less than excited for this row.)

We started our garden seeds inside about two weeks ago.

Look at how awesome they are doing already! 

I am beyond elated that they are doing this well so far. I sure hope it continues!

I didn't know I liked Hyacinths until this year, and they smell so good!!

The flower bed is doing pretty well in general. The Peonies and Lillies are popping up. I have an obnoxious grass that is growing in one of my day Lillies that I can't seem to get rid of. Hopefully I don't have to pull the whole thing out and start over.

We cut down the lilac tree in the back between the two pine trees. Now we need to find the energy to pull out the stump!

Once we do I want to transplant the apple tree I planted last year to that spot. I think it will be a better spot for it back there.

Our feathery friends survived the winter! Some of them look a little haggard, but they are alive and well!