Thursday, August 14, 2014

Picture Overhaul Part 2

Shall we continue on with my picture update? I think it only seems right since I didn't blog a lot during that time the Dude and I lived in separate states. So, I believe we left off around October 2013.

We went to Nashville, TN in October to go see my favorite singer, Don Williams. We had also saw him in April at Dixie University, what a good year!  By the way, the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum is huge!

We ate the famous Pancake Pantry in Nashville, totally worth the wait in line!

He's dreaming of pancakes while we waited in line. He is pretty dreamy himself, if you ask me.

You can't go to Nashville and not go to the Grand Ole Opry! That is Collin Ray down there singing. 

We carved pumpkins with my awesome family.

We were able to go and see the progress on the cabin. It is completely different than how it was before it burnt down. At this point in time it is almost complete, yay!

We got to meet the newest family member on the Dude's side, she is so cute!

We tried to fly to Maui and got stuck in San Diego, we didn't mind that much!

We visited with my cousin that is living in San Diego. He is such a good guy!

The Mission restaurant in San Diego was awesome, we ate there twice!

U.S.S Midway, this ship was awesome! If you ever get the chance you should go.

We did our yearly tradition of making gingerbread houses at my parents.

We celebrated Christmas in Durango, CO.

We went to the Lion House for lunch.

These two silly goons tagged along.

I love my parents!

My brother and his wife welcomed their first kid into their family at the end of the year. I absolutely can not get enough of her, she is adorable!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another year older....

This favorite person of mine is celebrating his birthday today, without me.
He volunteered to go to girl's camp for the week and it happened to fall on his special day. We were lucky enough to drive down to Salt Lake for his Sunday birthday dinner before he headed for the mountains. 
Dad, I love you, and hope you are having a fantastic day. The world gets better when you are around. Thanks for being my Dad, for teaching me so much, for being there when I need you, for always being willing to help and creating so many memories with us, that I will cherish forever.
Happy Birthday, R-Dean!!