Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Furball can Sing

This is a rare moment in life. Cosmo has only howled 3 times in his 8 years, at least that anyone has been around to notice. I am so glad the Dude has his phone to record this once in a life time moment.

How cute is that?!

Picture Overhaul Part 1

I am somewhat ashamed of how I slacked off this past year. We actually did a bit of traveling, so I am going to try do recap of what we had been up to before we moved to Idaho Falls. I will most likely break it up over a couple of posts. 
These pictures start around May 2013.

I believe this photo was taken around Mother's Day.

The annual trip up to Logan with my Grandma to decorate graves the weekend of Memorial Day.

We stopped to visit my Grandma's brother, Darryl. He made these recipes boxes, of course I had to get one! It is beautiful.

My parents are the best!

4th of July Oakley Rodeo 2013. Ha, I love Stan's face in this picture. I didn't even notice he had done that until after the rodeo.

We went on a friend vacation to Yellowstone last August with the, Howells and the Wests. It was an great trip, we saw lots of animals and enjoyed some great company. Look at those cute kids! All that is missing from that photo is adorable little McKenzie.

The husbands
The wives

We went to Dallas to go to a Texas Rangers game with our friends, the Glovers. 

It was my first major league baseball game.

That my friends is like a 2 foot long hot dog! 
He didn't eat it all, even with some help from his wife and us.

A Drive Through the Park

A couple of weeks ago (I know, I know, I am already falling behind again...) we went on a drive through Yellowstone Park. We drove up and entered through West Yellowstone and then came out and home down through Jackson. Lots of driving...but the scenery was picture perfect!

The Dude at Yellowstone Lake

Lone Buffalo

This elk is a nice 6 x 7, still in the velvet.

Jackson Lake, I absolutely love this picture. I was impressed with my picture taking skills on this one.

Can I just say, I love living in Idaho Falls. There is beauty all around us! We also love living so close to Yellowstone, so anyone that wants to come visit us, we are always up for a run to beautiful Yellowstone Park!