Monday, August 17, 2015

Flat Head Lake

We went camping with our good friends, (the Dude's brother from another Mother) at the end of July. We headed up north to beautiful Montana and popped up our tent at Big Arm State Park. It was an amazing trip! We enjoyed the company, the food, the lake and of course the gorgeous views.

These people are great!

They said it wasn't too cold.....

Boys will be boys.

Mmm...dutch oven cooking is the greatest!


We went up to Glacier National Park for the day. I love that park! That water is so clear and so blue!


Ready for our nature walk through the cedars.

I repeat, this family is awesome!!

More family photos!

Cute, funny kids.

Take me back! Seriously this place is just breathtaking!

We of course went for a ride on the Happy Hippo. We had a water fight on the boat while floating out on the lake. Once in a life time experience.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Old Man

My Dad had a birthday at the beginning of this month. 
Though I was off on an adventure on his actual birthday my family celebrated it a few days later. 
I just love my Dad! I am so proud to be his daughter.
He is a one of a kind guy, laughs at his own jokes (we all laugh at them), always willing to help, always looking for time to fish, loves to tease my Mom, and finds great joy in his family.
I love you R-Dean, and am so grateful for the wonderful Father you are and the many joyful memories!