Friday, November 5, 2010


I attended a coupon class last night, I have been wanting to learn how to save some money and I figured this class was a good place to learn how. Annalisa was kind enough to share her tips on saving money through coupons and such. Annalisa has a blog called Slave to Save where she will post good deals, and how to get the best deal for your dollar. Here are some highlights from what she talked about:

  • Buy in bulk when things you need go on sale
  • There are seasonal sales and quarterly sales so watch for those
  • Buy enough from the sale to get you through till the next sale
  • Combine coupons with sale prices
  • Maximize coupons when they go on sale
  • Two weeks after you get in the coupon inserts from the mail or newspaper those things will go on sale
  • Shop from you pantry from the things you were able to stock up on
  • There are 3 coupon inserts people in Utah get: Smart Source, Proctor and Gamble those come in the newspaper and Red Plum which comes in the mail on Tuesdays
  • She keeps her coupons in a file, flied weekly 
  • You can combine one manufacturer coupon with a store coupon
  • Smith's website allows you to put coupons from there website right onto your Smiths value card
  • Rite Aide is a good place to get diapers, toilet paper and other hygiene products. (With coupons and other deals she has never paid for diapers, I am still not certain how this one works so your best bet would be to email Annalisa)

Here are some some websites to check out:

I hope this helps or sparks and interest. Annalisa is more than willing to answer any questions you have, so check out her blog Slave to Save! I know you won't be disappointed you did!


Talia, Justin, and Turner said...

Thanks for inviting me to the class last night! I learned a lot and can't wait to get started! P.S. Your apple dumpling was delicious! I want the recipe. ;)

Teea Lamb said...

Thanks so much for inviting me! It was awesome and so helpful! I'm so excited to get started! And thanks for the DELICIOUS dessert! You are awesome! It was great to see you!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for telling us about this! I've been wanting to learn about couponing, so this was perfect! We hope everything's going great with you! :)

Shelly said...

Thanks for posting these tips on your blog. I really wanted to come that night, but Mike ended up having to work late, so I couldn't.=(