Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winterizing The Coop

I've finally begun winterizing the chicken coop. I ran out of supplies, so I will have to finish sometime this weekend hopefully.

I have been putting up flattened cardboard boxes over the wood slats to help prevent the wind from blowing through the cracks. As you can sort of tell the chickens are already pecking at the cardboard.

Here is a better picture of the cardboard. After putting these up my Dad suggested I put some plastic before the cardboard to help with the snow ruining the cardboard. 

I will have to apply the plastic where I haven't stapled the cardboard for now. Maybe next year I will come up with a better solution if this idea doesn't work out well this winter. Wish me luck! I will post more pictures when the coop is completely ready for winter.

 Any good ideas on how to keep my water from freezing in the winter?

Crazy chickens, with the way they eat you would think I was raising pigs!

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