Monday, November 1, 2010


Here are some pictures from the Harward Family Halloween party:

I hate dressing up but I agreed to wear a t-shirt for my costume. We are Salt and Pepper. 

Jamie and Billy were a couple from the fifties

Mike, Shelly and Ian were duck, duck, goose

Isn't Ian such a cute duck!

Brady as Elmo, Bonnie is in the background with her dreadlocks.

Sean tried to be Elmo :)

Cute little Liam as a frog

I made some dipped Oreos in white chocolate with a spider web design for the party.

I found the recipe over on Jamie Cooks It Up!, I think they turned out pretty darn cool.

Chocolate Dipped Spider Web Oreos

***NOTE*** It works best if you put the dark chocolate web on the Oreo immediately after dipping it in the white chocolate. 

Yield: 1 sleeve of Oreos (about 15 cookies)

1 sleeve Oreo cookies (about 15 cookies)
1  12 oz package white chocolate chips
1 t shortening
1/2 C semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 t shortening
Spider Toothpicks or spider rings

1. Place your white chocolate in a glass measuring cup. (The 2 C size works the best.) Melt the chips in the microwave for 30 seconds and a time, stirring after each cooking interval. Don't get over anxious on the melting. If the chocolate gets too hot it will turn quite chalky and hard. When the chocolate it smooth add 1 t shortening. Stir it around unit it melts in the chocolate and is well incorporated.
2. Melt your semi sweet chocolate the same way. Place it in a Ziploc bag.
3. Gently place an Oreo in the white chocolate. With a spoon turn the Oreo over so that it gets all covered. Using two spoons (one on either side of the Oreo) lift it up out of the white chocolate. Shake it gently over the measuring cup to remove excess chocolate.
4. Place the Dipped Oreo on a piece of wax paper.
5. Immediately snip a hole in your handy Ziploc bag and pipe the chocolate in
a swirl pattern on top of the Dipped Oreo.
6. Take a toothpick and streak the dark chocolate from the center of the cookie to the edge. Repeat the streaking until you have a lovely web. Now, get serious everyone. You know I'm not talking about streaking in the nude. That would be a Halloween shock indeed. Just streak the chocolate now.
7. Repeat the chocolate dipping, swirling and streaking with the rest of your cookies.
8. Pop them in the fridge for about 20 minutes to set up.

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