Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guess Who I Met Yesterday?!

That's right I met George W. Bush!

Thursday night, as I was driving home from Costco Dave called on his way home from work. 
Dave: "Could you go to Costco for me tomorrow?"
Me: "I'm just leaving there, what did you need I can turn around?"
Dave: "No, I need you to go tomorrow."
Me: "What for? I can go right now."
Dave: "Former President George W. Bush is going to be at Costco signing his book tomorrow."
Me: "You want me to wait in line to get President's Bush's signed book?! Do you have any idea how many people are going to be there?!"
Dave: "Yeah, but I have to work. Please?"
Me: "I'll think about it."

I really did want to go, but I knew there would be a ton of people there. I made Dave drive me by the Sandy Costco Thursday night to see how many people were there. There were only about 50 so I agreed I would go around 7.
Well, I woke up at 3:30! Called David on his way to work and said maybe I would go at 5. He suggested since I was up I should just go. I fell back asleep till 4:15, decided I couldn't wait and got up and went.

 Am I glad I did! I got there at 4:30, I was person number 261! By the end of the day there were around 1200 people there!

I waited for almost ten hours in the cold, standing most of the time. We had to go through security to make sure no one was sneaking anything in. I couldn't take my camera with me to get a picture of him. I also got in trouble just before I met him to get my hands out of my coat pockets. 

I got to shake Mr. Bush's hand around 1:30. I will remember his tweed jacket, red shirt, his Texan drawl and how he stopped signing to shake my hand. He said, "Hello Girls! How is it outside?". I got to be friends with the two women who sat behind me in line. One of those ladies is the one who took the pictures of me. 

Now I know some of you asking was it really worth it to wait that long to see him. I know he's been scrutinized, loved, criticized and supported. To me though it definitely was worth my time to see the man who was our President for 8 years, some easy years some more difficult. I won't get to political because that is not how I am, and I am not here to debate my political views. I just wanted to share how awesome it was to meet George W. Bush. It is a day I will never forget.


Cam said...

Cool. I thought about it and then thought whoever waits there in the freezing cold is crazy :)

Hollie said...

Ha ha it was crazy to wait in the cold.:)