Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winterizing The Coop 2

Since it is getting colder I decided I should stop being a slacker and at least put the plastic in the chicken coop to keep the wind from blowing in and the snow from getting through the cracks. Dave was so kind as to help me staple the plastic to the walls and door.

The coop is completely waterproof now! :)

 Now I just need to get more boxes to insulate it to keep the heat in for these crazy chickens!

Remember "Bird"? Well she is alive and well! She has been living in the coop for a little over a month now and not one other chicken has pecked her. I believe this has something to do with how huge she has gotten. She is the biggest bird out of them all! I think it has helped though being the larger one, then she doesn't get picked on like some of the others have. I will have to post pictures of my BALD birds, they are a sad sight to see.

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