Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Joys Of Moving

Oh how the Hubby and I have not really enjoyed this move.
Don't get us wrong, we are excited about his promotion, moving to the mountains, and exploring Durango.
There was just some things we could have done without.
For example:

1. We would like to find someplace to call home.
2. Finding out the day we were packing up that Dave's start date was no longer the 1st, instead it is now the 15th of July.
3. The Budget moving truck broke down on Dave 10 minutes away from the storage unit he found.
4. Waiting for about 2-3 hours for the tow truck driving to get there and to fix the truck.
5. Getting towed to the storage unit.
6. The tow truck's brakes almost giving out while going up the hill to the storage unit. They had to back, back down the hill with Dave in the Budget truck pushing on the brakes.
7. The guy who owns the storage unit getting his front end loader to tow the Budget truck and the car trailer with the car on it up the hill.
8. Flying standby home, getting put on 2 planes to Denver then being told he would have to get off since they were weight restricted.
9. Finally getting on a plane out of Durango, only to miss every connection possible to get home.
10. Sleeping in the Denver airport with our little dog Cosmo.

Mainly I think Dave could of done without these, since he drove the moving truck up there while I stayed here to work.

There is a lot of blessings that came out of this move too.

1. The Hubby got a promotion.
2. He didn't break down in the middle of New Mexico without any cell phone reception.
3. The nice tow truck driver who brought him a water during the whole ordeal.
4. The nice storage guy owner who was nice enough to use his front end loader to tow the truck up the hill.
5. All the nice people who helped us pack up and unload our moving truck.
6. Sleeping in a hotel in and actual bed for one of the nights in Colorado.
7. Dave finally sold the mountaineer to someone in Cortez, Colorado. (It's been for sale since we moved here a year and a half ago.)
8. ALL the wonderful friends who have fed us, given us encouragement and offered us a place to call home for the time that we don't have one.
9. Being able to fly home without having to pay it. (The joys of standby!!)
10. Being able to work here in Lubbock for 2 more weeks.

Life is an adventure, and it is always entertaining!!