Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello from St. George, UT! (Updated with pictures!)

I never would have thought that I would have let this blog get away from me like it has. It has been hard to keep up on since we decided to move to Durango, CO. That can happen though when you don't have home internet and were relying on the free time and free WIFI I had at the airport.

Much has happened since I last posted.

The biggest thing has happened is that I moved to St. George, UT, without the hubby. Insert a big frowny face here.
We both had applied for jobs down here in hopes that we would both get them. 
Well as you can tell, I got mine. I am now patiently waiting for my husband to join me. 
It has almost been 3 weeks now since we have been apart. I admire those that go much longer than that without their loved ones. It is not my favorite thing. Though it isn't the first time I have done, nor do I think it will be the last time. 

So lets do a recap of what I have done since last posting on here:

  • In the past year, we have moved 3 times together and I have moved once by myself.
  • I'm very blessed to have wonderful friends, once again, to let me stay with while I get my living arrangements in order. Thank you Howell family!
  • Was lucky enough to go home and spend Christmas with our families, enjoined every minute of it.
  • My parents came to visit us in Durango. I introduced them to a doughnut called the, pine cone, a cinnamon glazed doughnut that is heavenly.  Doughworks, you will be greatly missed!
  • Found out I had a cyst. Went for a check up a couple months later and was relieved to hear it had dissolved. I was blessed.
  • Spent Thanksgiving with wonderful friends in Durango. I had to make my Grandma's stuffing recipe in a 5 gallon bucket. I didn't have a bowl big enough to hold it all.
  • Saw several deer every morning on the drive into work during the fall. Even saw a nice 6 point buck (hunters lingo, for big antler rack)! Biggest buck I have ever seen.
  • Experienced -30 degree weather in Durango. Need I say more?
  • Lived in a 5th wheel trailer. You haven't lived until you live in one of those. It is an adventure all in its own. You really need to read up on what to expect when living in one all the time. Some things that can happen if you don't prepare for them, can be quite disgusting.
  • The hubby took on a project of getting the local library (that was located in an elementary school) a book drop. A big thanks to my father in law for helping him with that. The librarian was pleasantly pleased with it.
  • We bought a new car, a Ford Fiesta. 
  • The hubby's Explorer finally up and died. (I have come to terms with it, Dave definitely has not.)
  • Went to San Francisco with friends, for our dear friend Brett. He married his gorgeous bride, Anna. 
  • Went to Fort Worth for the Fort Worth Stock show with our good friends the Glovers. 
  • Got to spend time with my brother and his family when they came to St. George for a soccer tournament. Caden did a great job!

A yummy pastry we had in San Fran...I can't recall the name of the pastry but the place was called "Knead".

Cod fish sliders

We tried oysters at "Hog Island" San Fran, they were delicious!

Me and Shannon, she's normally only 6'3, but with those heels she found she was about 6'6. 

Adolyn grabbing life by the horns.

I love cowboys....

I am sure I have been up to more, though my mind won't recall what else. 

I am looking forward to the many adventures that await us here!

Now, if only Dave would hurry up and get here already.

Waiting, just waiting on you sweetheart.
(Who can name the movie quote?)


Kurt and Kristy said...

Yay I'm so glad you updated! I'm sorry you and Dave have to be apart! I don't think I could handle it! I miss you like crazy here but glad you're enjoying St. George!

David Harward said...

I can name the movie quote.