Friday, May 7, 2010

Chicken Feet

So this is what normal chicken feet look like. This is off of one of my Rhode Island Reds.
 This is the extremely crooked feet of one of my other Rhode Island Reds. I don't know how this happened to her. They all had perfectly straight feet when I got them. She can walk with them, she just doesn't grip well. 
 She is also one of my bigger hens, she has a very deep red comb, which is the thing on top of her head. She is the only one with one this red so I hope she doesn't turn into a rooster, we won't be able to keep a rooster.
 Sorry for the chicken wire, she was hard to get a picture of. They don't stand still long, they are very curious birds so they are all over the place.

Does anybody know what causes their feet to go grow crooked like this? I have found just a couple websites that talk about them. I could have made shoes for them, but it said to do that when they about a week old. They all had straight feet at that age too so I didn't know they would go crooked.


Boog said...

Perhaps, it is time for a pedicure? Good luck with that.

Like mother, like chicken. (bak-bak)

Hollie said...

Mike I had a great idea! You could come give them a pedicure! :) Just don't paint their toenails green.

Brandon and Krystyn said...

Love all the pictures Hollie! It was so much fun to see you! I wish we had more time together:( Looking forward to seeing you again this summer!

Hollie said...

It was a short visit but seeing you is better than not seeing you. I am going to try and come see you this summer and enjoy some Arizona heat. :) Maybe Charie and I will do a road trip.