Monday, May 3, 2010


Around Easter when I found out places like Cal Ranch, and IFA where selling baby chicks I asked my Dad if we could get some. I thought it would be nice to have them for the eggs. We have had some in the past but decided to get rid of them. At first he said no because we didn't really have anywhere to keep them. One day when I came home from work, he had left the Cal Ranch ad on my bed with it showing the part about the chicks for sale. I came right out of my room and asked, "Does this mean I can go get some?". And by that weekend I had bought 12 chickens. I have four Rhode Island Reds, four Black Sexlinks, and four Golden Sexlinks. I was told they are all hens, we still are waiting to see if there are any roosters. My Dad told me to get about 12 chicks cause you might have some that would die. Well they all lived. :) The only one that I sadly had to bury was the one that my brother's dog Ash got to. But it was quickly replaced with another one that same day. The chicks have been entertaining to watch, they each have their own personality. You can always hear them clucking to each other. They are actually quite loud, I can hear them from my window at night. My Dad let me take up some area in the garden to build a coop. We finally finished it this past weekend, they aren't any nest for laying yet, but they won't be laying till about September. The pictures are in no particular order. I will need to figure out how to arrange them better.

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