Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chipped Tooth

For lunch today I decided to have some cereal since I never had breakfast this morning. I picked Honey Bunches of Oats since I haven't had them in a long and I enjoy the little clusters of oats. After I finished I was trying to get out the pieces that were stuck in my teeth. I felt something sharp brush my cheek, I just thought it was a corn flake piece. It wasn't going away though. As I was trying to get it unstuck with my finger I realized I had sheared off the cusp tips to one of my molars. I must have swallowed the chipped part, I never felt it break off. I have always been nervous about my teeth breaking, I never thought I would break one eating cereal.

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Wilton Winrow said...

Why are you nervous about your teeth breaking? Were you born with soft teeth or something like that? My cousin was born with slightly brittle teeth, so she always had a chipped tooth no matter how much calcium she consumed. That's why as soon as she got her first salary, she went to Miami and had veneers placed. She looks stunning now with her smile!