Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday Fun

This past Saturday most of my family, some extended family and Dave went up to Logan to go visit graves, go to a Thain family reunion and fish. Every year the Saturday before Memorial Day my Grandma goes up to decorate those relatives that have passed on and that are buried up there. She promised her mother she would and I don't think she has missed a year. The whole extended Family use to go but it has dwindled over the years to just a few of us. We visit graves in Wellsville, Hyrum, Logan, and Smithfield.
 After we decorated all the graves we met back at the Logan cemetery for the beginning of the Thain reunion. The Thains is on my Grandma's Mother's side, she was a Thain. We then met at a church in Benson for lunch.

This is my Mom, my Grandma and my Aunt Julie from the luncheon.
We left those 3 there while the rest of us went back to Paradise and went fishing. I was unsuccessful as was my brother Blake, but my Dad and little brother Nick weren't.

Nick with just one of his catches of the day

My Dad caught this one just as I was walking up to see him

He caught another one and the biggest one of the day just shortly after the first picture was taken

Its a very nice Brown Trout
This is Blake wading through the deep water

 Dave couldn't find his license to fish, but he enjoy being outside and watching us.

After the fishing we headed home so Mom and I could make Caden's birthday cake.

Caden requested a soccer ball. We aren't too crafty with cakes but I think it turned out pretty good, it has a soccer ball pattern at least.

Overall we had a very busy Saturday but it was an enjoyable one.


Shelly said...

Great pictures of all your boys=) I made Mike a soccer ball cake for his 22nd birthday (13 years ago=) I will have to show you the pictures sometime.

kstalder said...

Beautiful fishing pics! Well done!

Brandon and Krystyn said...

Hollie, you are becoming quite the cook!! Love all the pics! Miss you....