Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

We found a peach orchard while driving around the other day. I was so excited!!
When we pulled up I told Dave to just get a small bag full.
 When he got out to go get some, the guy said, "You want some peaches?". Dave said, "We sure do we will take about 4." Then the nice old gentlemen pointed to a wagon with some little boxes on it and said, "The peaches are across the road have at them."

Dave pulling the wagon into the very big orchard. We were allowed to go where  it was marked with orange flags to pick.

Look at how wonderful these peaches are! I thought with this horrible drought we are having there wouldn't be any fresh fruit or vegetables in town.

Here we are, so happy to be picking peaches. We were even allowed to eat them while we were picking them. They were delicious!!

Dave said this picture was the "money shot".

Our peaches,needless to say we didn't get just four. That box weighed 23 pounds!!

I got to use this beautiful pot that my parents gave me this past Christmas!

I only had seven bottles, I filled them all up and still have a bag of peaches int the fridge. 

The final product!

Next up fresh peach pie!

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Shelly said...

I can't wait for your peach pie recipe! I need a good one and I know if anybody has one, it'll be you! Love you guys!!!