Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Garden Update

I have my first pickling cucumber!! I didn't even notice it was there until my Dad pointed it out to me. So exciting!!

My neighbor was so kind and picked me up two more pickling cucumber plants since my other two cucumber plants that I started from seed bit the dust. Here is to hoping I will get to pickle more than just one cucumber this year!

My chocolate cherry tomatoes are doing awesome!! I can't wait to try this tomato!

This is two of my basil plants, they are starting to get bushy. The third plant I put in a pot and it was so, so tall until the wind blew it over. That wasn't the only thing the wind ruined, sigh.

It also ruined that middle broccoli plant with the now saggy leaves. It was HUGE and doing so well! I was so sad to see it just go limp and lifeless, I honestly don't know if it will overcome the beating it took. 
The Dude isn't too worried about not having fresh broccoli.

But look at that cabbage!! And those green beans that finally decided to pop up after I had to replant them. They had gotten washed out from all the rain we had.


I have never grown spinach or lettuce before, it is interesting to me see how they grow.

Sugar snap peas got a little wind blow, but they are getting blossoms on them so that is a good sign!
The carrots in the row next to them are still small and sparse, and my parsnips are starting to pop up!!

The squash is holding pretty well. I did have to replant the zucchini, I put three seeds in the ground and a wall of water around and voila! It is the plant in the front, looks pretty good I think!

The pepper plants seem to be doing great, they are still pretty short though. I am waiting for their growth spurt to hit.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with the garden. I like to sit at look at from my kitchen table, it makes me happy.

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