Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thanksgiving and Gingerbread Trains

We actually got to spend Thanksgiving with family this year. Now we did go down last year too, but we were extremely late. So when I say we actually got to spend Thanksgiving with family, I mean we got to spend the whole day! And help with the prep work and eat of course!

They weren't too excited I was taking pictures....

It interrupted their eating....

We found my little brother's "beloved" helmet. With that helmet I think the ladies will draw to my older brother like a magnet!

We loaded in the car and drove south to go visit my brother at the fire station. He's pretty much the coolest.

She didn't get to drive, but we got to go for a ride around the block! That is one big rig!! My Grandma is still talking about the fire truck ride, she thought it was amazing.

We also celebrated my niece's birthday Thanksgiving weekend too. Her birthday isn't until the end of this month, but we celebrated early since we were all together. (I need to start bringing my acutal camera, my phone just doesn't take as good pictures.)
I made the cake, and I was pretty proud of how it turned out!

We did gingerbread trains this year, it was a fun change from doing houses. As usual my parents went above and beyond to keep this fun tradition. 

They are the greatest!

Check out that popcorn smoke! And of course the cute couple!

Our train, the Dude wanted to have a tanker car, mainly cause I think he just wanted to drink the soda....
I love how the trains turned out!

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