Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Festivites

Where do I begin?? It always seems like I am always playing blog catch up, but at least I am blogging, right??? Right!

The Dude built a cute little red shed in our backyard. Now there is more space in our one car garge for the car.

The chickens are alive and well, they enjoy getting to roam free in the backyard. I believe this is Winnie, and don't tell the other hens, Winnie is the best looking one.

My almost baren garden, sigh.

We reaped a lot of produce this year. We canned several bottles of pickles! I left the carrots and parsnips in the ground. I also planted some garlic to come up in the spring, fingers crossed!!

Family came to visit. Love!
This guy caught the biggest fish he has ever fished for when we went dam fishing the weekend he came up. If you see him, ask him, he'd love to tell you all about it.

I bottled my Mom's homemade apple pie filling. The Dude was very pleased with this idea.

We tried our lot at hunting.

There were no deer on this mountain, or the surrounding mountains, we checked!

We did end up seeing some deer on another hunt we had, but alas we have yet to fill those tags.

No deer to fill our freezer, but I'll settle for this breathtaking view of the sun coming up over the Tetons any day!

I made homemade Russian Pelmeni, it was fantastic! The Dude said it was the best he has ever had, and he served a mission in Russia for 2 years. He knows how to score brownie points.
 I will post the recipe I promise.

We had our annual family pumpkin party.

My niece giving my older brother the stink eye cause he talked to Grandma.

The Old Man with...is it Gonzo or the Count??

My younger and ever so proud, and should be, paramedic brother. 

My sister-in-law has some serious skills people.

The Dude is a loyal Ninja Turtles fan, ask to see his lunchbox collection.

My younger brother thought I needed some sunshine in my life. It was kind of a cloudy day that day.

For my 30th birthday we sat in the nose bleeds to watch Garth Brooks in concert.

And when I say nose bleeds, I mean nose bleeds.


Now that I am caught up I should be right on schedule for a Thanksgiving blog post......

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