Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Fun

Since October has ended, I will do a quick recap of just a couple things that happened in October that I didn't get time to blog about. What is it with time lately? Why is it going by so fast? I wish it would slow down just a little, please, pretty please?
Any way here are some pictures of our fun.

We went to the local Corn Maize. 

It was a HUGE corn maze, at least it seemed bigger then any corn maze I went to back home. 

The Maize is a really cool maze to go to. They have hay rides, tractor train rides, and a corn shooter. Not to mention some concession stands and a mini zoo! Very cool.

As you enter the Corn Maize there are these mailboxes that hold questions on different subjects that you answer when you come upon the corn shaped sign with the number to the question on it. We did the questions on Halloween.

Can you tell we are using our new camera?? 
We still have a lot to learn about it, I am liking it so far though.

Ha ha cracks me up every time I see this picture.

I also got to attend a Texas Tech game last weekend with some girls from my church.

What a great group of girls!! 

The mask rider! Man how I wish that could be, such a beautiful horse.

The team, I am glad they prayed. But sadly they just weren't meant to win. 
They lost, 7-41. Most the people in the stadium left by the 4th quarter.

They may of lost, but it was still great to get out and hang out with some great friends!

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