Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Weekend In Spokane

This past weekend Dave and I had the pleasure of going up to Spokane, Washington to visit with my Aunt Paula and Uncle Jim.

It was a great relaxing weekend. They live on some beautiful property!!

This is the view from the window!
Isn't it so beautiful?!

It even snowed a little! I was so excited!

Paula harvesting her black walnut trees.

14 walnuts in all!
These walnuts are extremely hard to open. Jim broke the nutcracker trying to crack one open. I think they might need to run a car over it.

We enjoyed a nice four-wheeler ride.

We saw lots and lots of trees!! It's amazing how much you miss those when you don't live by them any more.

We enjoyed some clay pigeon shooting.
I only hit 1! I need to go shooting more.

Paula was such a dead shot, she hit every one as soon as they came flying out.....almost. :)

Dave was in heaven while we did this, he hit I think all but one.

Uncle Jim truly is a dead shot. :)

It snowed again!! I love it when the snow falls.

This is the cutest little girl!! 
And congrats to her parents Andrew and Ashley on being pregnant with their second child!

We had a great time Paula and Jim!! Thank you so much for having us up!!

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mom said...

Hollie, We had so much fun with you coming up here. I'm glad you lied about my shooting abilities. Haha