Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Forgive me for taking almost a week long hiatus. 
It's has been a hectic couple of weeks, with work, coming down with a head cold, going home to Utah for the weekend, and just everyday life.
 I fear that the holidays are going to speed by and I am not going to know what happened. Hopefully I can stay on top of everything, and I am hoping to be posting some more recipes soon. With this nasty cold I have acquired I haven't felt like cooking much since I can't taste very well. 
I do have a few recipes that I have made that I will hopefully post before the weekend, some tasty Tex Mex Soup, and some yummy spinach dip.

But for now, here are some pictures from our quick trip home to Utah. Dave's nephews got baptized. Same day, 2 different times, 2 different churches. (By the way, Tracy if you read this, may I get your tortellini soup recipe?) We also were able to make it to mine and Blake's yearly birthday dinner at my parents on Sunday. 
Guess what? There was snow in Utah, I loved every minute of it! I am meant for mountain weather. 

 Parker and Billy at Parker's baptism. I can't believe he is 8! He was just a little tyke when I came into the family.

Gabe and Kelly at Gabe's baptism, yet again where has the time gone?! Kids grow up so fast.

My Father-in-law Stan the man, Shelly and cute little Mason.

Hi Shelly!!

Don't they look so dapper? 

Happy 28th Birthday Blake!!

Caden was trying to blow out my birthday candle before I could. 

My friends were able to make it the birthday bash, Lindsey, Me, Ranie, and Meg. Wonderful, wonderful gals! 
That is my cute Grandma in the back. 

She was so excited that we were having broccoli for dinner. 

I was so tempted to tip it back into his face.....

My niece Shaylee, I think she looks like I did when I was her age. 
She is cute! 

Hopefully she doesn't look like this when she hits 26. :)

Remember my cute little furball of a dog, Cosmo?

Well, we took Cosmo home with us since he has an unique personality and I didn't want to have to leave him with any of our friends, for fear that when I returned he would of at least bitten or scared someone half to death. 
Don't get me wrong, he is a wonderful dog. He just is very protective and isn't use to strangers, he needs several meet and greets before he warms up to people. 
Well, I think we are going to have to get him use to some more people. He is done flying for a bit. The main reason is because he destroyed his carry on kennel. The second reason is because he whined the entire time!! He wasn't like that the last time we took him on an airplane. I don't know what made this trip so different. 

Here are pictures of his kennel:

I had sewn this fabric on before we left, since he had chewed through the fabric mesh last time if you remember from our trip home in July.
He ripped the stitching out. So I decided to staple the fabric to it, and just get him in and out from the top opening. 

It worked, but he decided then to chew his way through the back mesh window. Dave packed duck tape just in case this would happen.

Since we blocked his way out the back, he decided to claw his way through the staples. By the time we got to Houston on our way back, it was simple for him to get out.

Dave asked someone who worked for TSA for some tape. We wrapped it all the way around his kennel.

Even after all that, once we landed back in Lubbock he was still able to just push himself under the tape and escape.
I think the kennel is going to meet the dumpster today, I tried my best to salvage it. 
The furball is curled up by me right now, even after all the hassle he gave us on the plane he is just too cute not to love.

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Shelly said...

It was so good to see you two! And I love the beautiful pictures of you and me Hollie!!!=)