Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chicken Coop

The chicken coop is done!! Hooray!! Our garage was starting to smell very, very unpleasant. I was so ready to move the chicks outside.

We spent a total of $45 bucks on this. We were able to get all the wood, latches, hinges and wiring from a co-worker, the only thing we have paid for so far is for the railroad ties that we are using for our base.

I think the Dude was very creative with what he had to work with.

We have got the nesting boxes block off right now, so the birds don't go in them and poop all over them.

The inside of the coop is the only spot that has a roosting stick for right now. 

That bucket holds the water, with two water nipples at the bottom. We still need to make a better feeder, they go through that little bottle daily.

I think it turned out great!!!

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