Friday, April 10, 2015

Starting from Seed

This year I am attempting to start my garden from seed. This is a first for me!
I started the seeds on March 30th.
The Dude is putting in my garden soil into the little plant containers, my neighbor loaned me hers, though you can find some at the store I believe. I found the plastic garden tray at Cal Ranch for a $1 each. I put one seed of each of the plants we are growing in each container, well expect for the one that I couldn't tell if the seed made it in or not, some of those seeds were tiny!!

I got a shop light, with one cool light and one warm one to hang over the starts.  Technically it should be an inch about the plants, but my sticks got in the way, I  didn't want to pull them out. You will keep the light an inch above the plants, and as they grow move it up an inch at a time. 
I also got a seedling heat mat from Gurney's.
It didn't get great reviews online, but my neighbor who start's from seed every year, loves hers! 
I have been pouring water just in between the cartons of dirt, so they can soak up as much water as they need from the bottom.
I will show you how my plants are fairing tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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