Saturday, April 11, 2015


My plants are popping up!!
Isn't it amazing?! If you look to the left behind that first stick, you will see the carton I wasn't sure if I had dropped a seed in there or not, apparently it made it! Now I am not sure if I need to pull one out or just continue to let it grow.
You can also tell the plants are straining for the light, I should have gotten another shop light to run parallel along the one I have. Then the plants wouldn't have to stretch as far and would be nice and I straight. At least I think it would help. 

You can also see that some of my seeds have yet to germinate. Does this make me apprehensive? Heck yes!
I just have to remind myself that they all grow at different rates and it is okay....for right now at least.
I realized I never told you guys what I am planting.

Here is my list:

Early Girl Tomatoes (4)
Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes (2) (only one is popped up though!)
Jelly Bean Tomatoes (2)
San Marzano Tomatoes (3, but might get 4!)
Basil (3)
Rosemary (1)
Cilantro (1)
Italian Parsley (1)
Lemon Cucumbers (1)
Pickling Cucumbers (2)
Scallop Squash (1)
Zucchini (1)
Spaghetti Squash (1)
Broccoli (3)
Cabbage (3)
Cherry Bomb Peppers (1)
Jalapenos (3)
Hot Pepper Mix (2)
Bell Peppers (3)

I will be starting in the ground:

Tendersweet Carrots
Bush Beans
Sugar Snap Peas

That is once we get the garden patch removed of the dead grass we killed and tilled with some manure. 
Any one want to come help?? Dad?? :)

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