Saturday, September 18, 2010

Darn Chickens!

Those darn chickens are out causing trouble again. I think they just like causing havoc!

When I went out yesterday I found this egg in the dirt, I also found one this morning like this as well. I don't know if they are falling off the top of the nesting box or they are pecking at them to open it up to eat the egg inside. Either way this isn't a good habit for the chickens to get into. They get in the habit of eating the eggs I won't be collecting any for me to eat cause they will eat them all. 

I left "Bird" in the coop for a day, she seemed like she was doing OK, and the other chickens seemed to be leaving her alone. I went out Thursday to check on her and those chickens have made her miserable once again!

This time they pecked her on her other side causing a huge open wound and ruined her beautiful feathers. She was starting to look so pretty now she will have to regrow some feathers. I hope she will be able to, they took some good chunks out her.

Though it seems like these birds are out to ruin everything, I still love having them around. They bring me joy, I love going out to see what they are up to and listen to them squawk. :)

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Boog said...

You need to go in there and show who is boss. Maybe if you start pecking them they will realize you mean business and they will stop "pecking" on each other. =)