Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Drive To Lubbock, Texas

Well we made it! The drive down was good, long, but good! My brother Blake was very kind in offering his time and his truck to pull a trailer down. My Uncle Bruce was also very generous in letting us borrow a trailer he owns.  My Mom and Dad drove with Blake so he wasn't driving by himself and so they could check out where we are planning to live for the next while. We left Salt Lake at about 9:30 and arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico at midnight. 

Getting all hooked up to Blake's truck.

Loaded and ready to go, we built up the sides of Bruce's trailer to fit more stuff in and to enclose it.

Cosmo and Dave

This was Cosmo's position pretty much the entire time, he slept 90 % of the way.

Left from Albuquerque at about 8:30 and got to Lubbock 4:30 their time.

We parked the trailers on the side of the road behind the hotel, I woke up every half hour to make sure no one stole anything :)

My Mom and Dad at breakfast

Us ready to hit the road

This was the scenery for miles, nice and flat!

  It was getting late, so we decided to eat at Joe's Crab Shack and call it a night. We spent a night at the Arbor Inn, and spent the time looking up places to rent. Saturday we spent the day looking at places and calling all over the place. So we are now at an Extended Stay America for a week till we can get a hold of people renting places or look at apartments. Maybe not the best idea, but that is where we are at for now. 

My family left this morning :(

They are headed back home, I hope the drive goes smoothly for them. I will be nervous until I know they are home safe and sound. I am so grateful for them for taking the time to come with us. I am truly glad they are a part of my life! Man am I gonna miss them, I am going to miss everyone we left back in Salt Lake! Dave starts work today, I hope he likes his new work environment.  This move is truly an adventure and a life changing experience. :)


Shelly said...

Glad you got there safely! Good luck with the house hunting. Can't wait to see pictures of what you pick=)

Rat Fam said...

I am glad to see you are safe and sound!

kstalder said...

Did you drug the dog?? Glad you are safe and hope you find some housing soon!