Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010 Part Two

OK, back in business now on to part two! 

This is Robin's hand, Nick proposed to her on the 23rd of December! I am so excited to have her as my sister in law! Welcome to the family Robin!

This is Mike and Dave, "Brothers don't shake hands! Brothers gotta hug!"

Casey, Ian, Sean, and Jenny

Mike, Dalton, cute little Sophie, Shelly and the back of my mother in law Bonnie's Santa hat :)

Jamie, Billy, Brady, Zack (behind Brady's head), Parker, Gabe and Kelly

Dalton and Karly, all dressed up in ribbon and bows!

Stan The Man!

Tracy, Liam, Kelly and Gabe

This is the only decent picture I have of Bonnie, I wish I had one where you could see her smiling face. She is a wonderful lady. :) 

That is the highlights of our Christmas! I hope yours was just as great! 


Shelly said...

Congratulations to Nick and Robyn!! And I guess if there is a wedding coming up soon, then we can expect to see you again at least once more this next year!!=(

And I LOVE the picture of David and Mike hugging - I have quite a few like that from over the years=)

Tracy Christopulos Harward said...

Hello Hollie!! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! (It puts mine to shame I must say :-) .....

I love your cooking, the photos, and directions. I'm excited to follow it! I'll send you my link soon....