Thursday, April 19, 2012

The New Place

Well we have been in our new place for 3 weeks now. 
I have enjoyed it, minus the mess of course! There is still a lot of things that need a proper place, but it will all come together eventually. 

We live about 15 minutes outside the city of Lubbock. 
We are renting a mobile home that sits on ten acres, and we don't have any neighbors looking into our windows.

This is the new place!

This is how far we are in from the street.

We have one great room that has the kitchen and living room in it, this side is the kitchen.

The other side where the living room is.

Down this hallway on the left is one bedroom and a bathroom and a room with no closet. As you can tell they aren't organized so I won't show you what the insides look like, it's just basic rooms and bathroom.

The master bathroom.

Our bedroom, it still needs to put together. We need to invest in a dresser and a few other things.

The back deck

Dave and Cosmo sitting on the back deck.
We do a lot of sitting on the back deck lately, watching these:

Yeah life is wonderful out here.

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Kurt and Kristy said...

3 weeks already!? It looks great!!!! And those sunsets would be incredible! Glad you guys are enjoying it!!