Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Someone Turned 30.....clear back on the 4th of April

This guy isn't a young guy any more, he's stepped into the thirties this month. 
And I must say he is one good looking thirty year old!!

We had a low key birthday dinner, we invited our friends the Glovers over for some delicious Chicken Parmesan, recipe will be coming soon.

And we had this chocolate chocolate cake for dinner. This is the cake that would come back to haunt me, story to come about that. 

This came in the Hubby's birthday package from his family. 
The funny thing is that I had text Jamie to tell her I might make this same thing for Dave when she said she had sent a package. She did a much better job then I would have on it. 

Look at that cute little baby in the middle!!

Hope you have a great year being 30 Dave!!

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