Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate cake, the long driveway and the rancher's field.....

So remember this chocolate cake I made for the Hubby's birthday:
it's chocolate chocolate cake I might add.

And remember how I showed you how long our driveway is?
 It is about a 100 yards long.

At the end of the drive way we have a little dip before you go out onto the road. 
(It is kind of hard to tell in this picture)

So since the chocolate cake was way too much for us to eat, I decided to take what was left with me to work to share with my coworkers. 
I had left the cake in the glass cake stand that also has a glass cake top to cover the cake with.
I buckled the cake in before I left, I didn't want it to bounce all over. 
As I was going down our driveway at 6:30 in the morning, work starts at 7, I glanced over and noticed I had the seat belt wrapped around the cake top instead of the base. It was pushing the cake off the base. So I reached over and adjusted the seat belt to wrap around the base. I glanced at it once more just to make sure it was going to be okay on the drive into work.

The next thing I knew I was bouncing all over the place in the rancher's field across the street!!
Cake was flying all over the place, stuff was banging around in the back of the car, and I was trying to figure out what was going on!
When I finally stopped, I was a good 40 feet in from road! 
I thought I was only going about 25 but it seems like I must have been going a lot faster then that.
My husband thinks once I hit the dip I flew across the street for about 20 feet, and when I hit the field the undercarriage took the blunt of the blow as I bottomed out for about 5 feet then I went another 30 feet before I came to a stop out in the field. 
Once I got out of the car I hurried and left a message with my supervisor telling him I was going to be a little late to work since I had run off the road. I hurried and got back into my car and drove back across the street, as I was driving across the street I heard something scrapping along the road.
"Great! I have totaled the car!" I thought. As I got out though I noticed in the dark the electrical wire that the rancher uses to keep his cows in was connected to my car and I had pulled it tight across the road. There was a semi that was coming towards me, without thinking I ran to the middle of the road waving my arms in the dark trying to get his attention to stop. He was still too far away and obviously it was too dark. I jumped back in the car and drove back across the street, hurried back out of the car and started pulling the wire out from under the car just to make sure it wasn't still in the road when the truck went by. 
After that all happened, I finally called the husband and told him what happened. Luckily it was his day off and he was still in bed. 
I drove back to the house as he walked down to go check the fence. 
My supervisor called back to make sure I was alright, I told him I was and he got a good chuckle when he found out I had run off the road into the field across from our house. 
While Dave went to mend the fence line and talk to the rancher (who by the way was extremely nice about it all!) I took pictures of the damages done inside the car.
(The pictures aren't the greatest but you will get the idea.)

So the cake top hit the windshield and made a nice shatter crack in. Needless to say, the cake top didn't survive.

It's kind of hard to tell but you can see the shatter spot on the windshield.

My tire tracks in the field.

The electrical wire I broke.

So as you can tell from the pictures there was chocolate everywhere!!! It got all over my work clothes, and even a little got on the purse I made! Snff, snff!
Dave was so kind to clean it up, by the time it was all cleaned out my shift at work was half over so I just called in for the day.
I am just so glad no cars where coming down the road when I did this!! 
I'm glad that all that got ruined was a little chocolate cake, my pride and a windshield that we replaced instead of other cars and who knows what else.


Kurt and Kristy said...

Wow what an adventure! Sorry to hear about the cake but glad you are ok!!

paula said...

What an entertaining story. I am so glad that you are all right!

Sam Jo said...

Oh my gosh!!! I would have gone back to bed and called it quits!

Elder Devan Imaikalani Dahl said...

Crazy Hollie! Glad you are okay but sorry to see that beautiful cake destroyed. Be careful!
Mindy Dahl