Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catching Up!!

I feel like it has been forever since I have updated this blog. I like this blog, and normally I am pretty good at finding time to update it. Lately though it has been a little rough, hopefully that changes and I will stay up to date on it!

When I went home to Utah a few weekends ago, my Dad had seen on the news some girls that donated their hair to "Locks of Love". He thought I should do the same with my hair. I got to thinking about it, and decided I would do it!
Now I normally cut like 2 inches at the most off my hair when I get it cut. I had a bad haircut once in high school. So now it makes me nervous to do anything to my hair.

I cut off 8 inches!! 


We had a pigeon hanging around our house for a couple of days. 
It was living under the back deck and then disappeared!!

The weekend of April 27 we went camping with our ward from Church. We went to a place called Caprock Canyon. It is about 2 hours northeast of here. It is a state park that has a buffalo herd that resides there. 
It was great to get out and go camping! We haven't gotten to go since we moved here, mainly because most places are 2 to 4 hours away. Not that that is a bad thing, it's just different since you in Utah you can be up American Fork Canyon in 45 minutes and up Little Cottonwood or Big in about 20 from where we lived. 

Cosmo was somewhat nice to people....

We go to get away from it all, but yet we got better cell phone reception camping then we do at our house.

Our tent for just the two of us! 
We like space. We later found a nasty ant hill right behind our tent. Luckily none of the ants got in.

We had yummy dutch oven chicken and dumplings for dinner!

Fishing, we didn't catch anything. Just drowned a couple worms.

Those little black dots by the water, those are buffalo. They came down to get a drink.

And of all the weird places to find a clam I found one in this tiny lake. 
And it was huge!!

I had Dave open it, I wanted to see how big the clam was inside.

Gross huh??
 This hasn't changed the fact that I like clam chowder, I'll still eat it. 
I showed it to all the kids they thought it was pretty cool!

Look at how low the lake is?! Can you tell we have been in a bit of a drought??

The buffalo, who needs Yellowstone?! Psh! 
(I do!! That is for sure!)

And last but not least, my parents came to visit this past weekend. They actually flew back home this morning. 
While they were here we got to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!
I found these mustaches with the Cinco De Mayo stuff at Hobby Lobby and when Dave and I came out with them on, my Dad said they look too French! 

All I can say is, we look good!

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