Friday, April 12, 2013

1 Cent Tomato Plant

So not too much is really going on in my life. At least, nothing really to report. 
Dave is still in Durango and I am still in St. George.

I keep busy by running (I am doing my first Ragnar Trail at the end of this month, yikes!), workout videos, learning the guitar (I am taking it slow, so no performances yet), working, going to church, reading books from the library, and spending countless hours on the internet (I am seriously disgusted with myself with the hours I spend looking at Facebook posts, I have a problem!). 

I have been cooking, and I actually tried a new recipe the other night, that included poached eggs, sauteed spinach and mushrooms. It was delightful and made me feel like I haven't lost my desire to cook. 
Living alone can make you lose your desire to cook, at least for me. 
I need people to feed! I want to share what I make with others. 
So maybe my parents should come down to visit.....right, Mom and Dad???

The other day in the IFA paper I found a coupon to receive a 1 cent tomato plant. I love gardens and fresh tomatoes, even though I don't have a garden area I couldn't pass up a great deal on a plant!

I stopped on the way home and picked up my plant.
It brought some joy in my life, I am looking forward to watching it grow.
I will most likely be trying out the Topsy Turvy again, maybe I will have better luck here than in Lubbock. 

Look at how little it is! 
It amazes me how something so small will grow and produce so much food just off of one plant. 
I am already planning the delicious BLTs I will be eating!

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