Tuesday, September 1, 2015

California Dreaming

For The Dude's family trip this year, his parents wanted to do something to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!! 50 years, people! They decided to rent an awesome house in Anaheim and the whole family came out to celebrate!
We all hung out at the house pool, spent a day at the beach together, ate together, played together, and some of us even went to Disneyland together!
I am so grateful for my in-laws for falling in love 50 years ago and creating this awesome family I am now apart of!

Since the house was a mile from Disneyland, it was very much Disney themed, which I loved!

Minus the creepy pelican that stared at us all night....

The correct way to go down a water slide.

Pool time!

Again, the correct way to go down a water slide.

Newport Beach

First time boogie boarding....I was terrible!

The Dude was out there for hours!

Riding the waves with his brother.

Cutest picture ever!!


So...I got a picture of the cake and balloons but not one of my in-laws! Fail!

Went to the Newport Beach Temple for one of our 15 Temples in 2015, absolutely beautiful!

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