Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens and the Garden

First I will show pictures of the progress of our vegetables, some have great results others not so much.

 The potatoes are doing awesome!

Here are our peppers and the tomatillo plant.

This is one of the bean plants, (picture is a little blurry) the top is all brown and crusty cause it got frost bitten from that snow storm we had a couple weeks ago. We might need to plant more beans, peas, and carrots, they didn't survive the cold weather.

Here are some the beans that might make it.

And the lettuce is doing extremely well.

Now on to those crazy chickens. When I went out to feed them tonight I decided to hang out in the chicken coop and try to get some update pictures of them. Now they are hard to get a decent picture of, they never sit still! But here is some that I took.

This Golden Sexlink was wondering if I was going to fit through the chicken hole, I can't.

I love the Black Sexlinks and how they have golden feathers. They are just so cool looking.

These two look like they were ready to attack me.

The Black Sexlink, they are getting so big. I need to get around to putting laying nest in the coop, they will be laying before I know it.

Even that little tiny Rhode Island Red that I got to replace one is growing quickly. She is the one on the left.

I can't say I have a favorite breed, they are all such pretty birds in their own way. This is a Golden Sexlink.

Here is a Rhode Island Red. I picked one up yesterday, I thought their feathers would be all coarse and dirty. They are actually really soft and feel very clean.

Can any one tell me what is wrong with this chicken??? 
Besides the fact that this chicken is the one with the extremely crooked feet.

If you guessed that it is starting to look more and more like a rooster and not a hen you are correct!!
I am afraid I have a rooster and I was so hoping that I wouldn't. Because now there are only two options for it:

1. Be given to someone who wants and needs a rooster
2. Ends up on my dinner plate

So...anyone want a rooster?? :) 

It makes me a little sad, I don't want to have to get rid of him, but I really can't keep a rooster here. It also ruins my even number of 12.
Hmmm...I might to need to get another chicken to replace the rooster.



Jamie said...

What a beautifully weeded garden! When are you available to help things grow at my house?

Brandon and Krystyn said...

Yes, can you please come to our house and bring some cooler weather with you also? Loving the pics!! Miss your face!

Hollie said...

Lets see Jamie I think I can squeeze in next weekend, does that work???

Krystyn!!! Oh how I miss your face so much! How hot is it down there? I think today we reached 80 degrees. I'm hoping to come visit you soon!!!