Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one!
I went on a quick trip to St. George with my friend Ranie. She had to go down there for work and invited me along. We left Thursday at 6 and were back home on Friday at 4. 

We stopped at the St. George temple. This was the only picture I got of us together. Yes that is a wedding in the background.

We ate at this Mexican restaurant called Pancho and Lefty's.

It was delicious! I highly recommend the Asada platter which is what the picture is of. 
We didn't do to much on our quick trip, but it was fun to get a way for a bit and hang out with a good friend.

Saturday afternoon Dave and I went shotgun shooting with my two brothers Blake and Nick. We just went out to the Lee Kay Center and each shot 25 shells, I wish we could say we all hit our 25 clay pigeons, but we have a lot of practicing before that happens.

Nick and Blake shooting their rounds.

Dave waiting our turn, holding the 12 gauge single shot. My favorite shot gun, it has quite the kick to it. I would show you my bruise on my shoulder from me not keeping the gun in my shoulder pocket but the pictures didn't turn out well.

This is me shooting the single shot. That stand in front of me is the speaker you say "Pull" into and it sends a clay pigeon flying.

My weekend didn't stop there I just didn't take pictures of the other things. My parents also replaced our driveway this weekend. I got to go celebrate the adoption of Ian to Mike and Shelly Millgate. Played games and had a nice fire at my friend Lindey's house. Last but not least went to Clearfield to see my cousins' Coby and Shantai's little baby boy Corver be blessed.
It was one hectic, fun weekend.

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