Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taylorsville Dayzz/McQueen Family Reunion

This weekend was Taylorsville Dayzz, it was pretty fun. Here are pictures of what I did.

I ran the 5k fun run, this is me before the race.
The runners taking off from the starting point.

 Just as I finished, I ran it in 38:47:64. Not too bad for my first race.

We sat and watched the parade after the race. This is Dave and my Mom.

 Shelly and Ian

Mike, Shelly and Ian eating the candy the people in the parade threw.
Dave and I at Bear Proof's concert at the park. They are guys that Dave grew up and went to school with.
Bear Proof, Brady (which is blocked by a pole), Zack, Steven and Nathan. 
This is Brady. 
They did a great job! There music was awesome.

Shannon and Kip watching the concert with us. That is Russell Deppe in the background.

Later that night after the family reunion I went to, I went to Leatherby's with my friends. After that I headed back to park to watch the fireworks with Dave. Taylorsville Dayzz puts on an amazing firework show. It last about a half hour. Well worth having to sit in a huge crowd of people.

The McQueen Family Reunion
So I forgot to take pictures at the reunion. We met at the church just down the road from me and ate out on the bowery. Each family just brings their own dinner. After we ate we filled out a points sheet, for each question you get so many points if you did what the question said. You tally up your points and get to use them like money for the auction. We auctioned off: cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, homemade hats and earrings, a foot rub, a get away stay in Mt. Pleasant, cookies and turtles, a U of U shirt, free labor, a Korean dinner, a free swim and BBQ at Uncle Whitney's, homemade bows, Queenie's watch, and airfare to go visit Aunt Paula and Uncle Jim. My cousin Leigh's husband Dan does the auctioning, he has a great sense of humor and made the auction fun. It was a lot of fun seeing the family and spending time with one another.


Brandon and Krystyn said...

Hollie, I love all these updates!! Great job on the race, that is a really good time!! Before you know it, you'll be running a full on marathon. Miss you!

Rat Fam said...

Way to go Hollie! It would probably take me that long to just run down the street :) Very proud of you!

Shelly said...

Thanks for watching the parade with us and for taking cute pictures! Are you coming to the rodeo this weekend?

Boog said...

Run Hollie Run - there is candy!!!