Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Weekend Part One

For part of my 4th of July weekend I went with Dave up to his family cabin. It's located up the canyon from Oakley on your way to Smith and Moorehouse Lake. It is beautiful up there. We had good food, went to the Oakley Rodeo, went fishing at Rockport Reservoir, sat in the hot tub, played games, and went on a four wheeler ride. I like to show pictures so here they are.

This is Dave helping cook the food in the dutch ovens.

The delicious spare ribs. Mike also made some good smoked pork we put on little rolls with some homemade sauces. I need to get the recipes from him.

Yummy peach cobbler. Those little squares of yellow are where the butter was. :)

Dave and me at the Oakley Rodeo.

Our friends Kelly and Brady and
Shannon, Kip and Garrett came to the rodeo.

Dave with his nephew Brady watching intently.

We sat on the front row, right by the bucking shoots.

Stan with Brady and Liam.

One of the saddle bronc riders.
All the other pictures I took of the contestants came out way dark, I need a better camera.

They did fireworks at the end of the rodeo.

Dave and me at Rockport Reservoir.

Dave fishing.

I caught 4 fish in two hours. That is the most I've caught in a long time. I believe they were all bass. 

 No these aren't all the same fish with different poses. :) And it was all luck. 
Here is Dave's catches.

Oh wait he didn't catch anything. :) He was ok with that, he was having fun watching me catch something.

On our four wheeler ride we stop to see one of the horses that is staying in the boarding they have at the cabin for them. Dave gave this horse some grass hurried and moved his hand and snapped the picture all before the horse's head moved below the fence line. Oh how I wish I had a horse.

Dave stretching out on the four wheeler.

Dave and I

This is Dave's favorite spot to ride to, you get a pretty view of the canyon.

On our way home I made Dave stop to look at this barn in Daniels. I think someday it would be nice to have a barn like that. Hopefully someday. :)

This is the end of the first half of my 4th of July weekend, hopefully I remember to post the 2nd half.  :)


Sam Jo said...

Wow! You got a lot in this weekend! GNO soon???

Shelly said...

It was great hanging out with you this weekend! I LOVE that picture of David and Brady, and the one of my Dad is pretty cute too. BTW, you made for one hot looking cowgirl on Friday night!!=) Mike and I agree - the curly hair = very cute!!