Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lamb Day

This year we went down to Fountain Green, Utah for their yearly Lamb Day celebration. Jody Noakes who lives in our neighborhood grew up in Fountain Green, so that is how we have come to know about Lamb Day. Her parents still reside down there. I love it down there, it is an extremely small town. They have a lamb show, where kids show off the lambs they have raised, a Lamb Day queen and attendants, a big parade where they throw a lot of candy, mutton busting, they sell lamb sandwiches, they have a lamb sale, a dance and fireworks. We didn't stay for the whole day, and we missed the lamb show they do that the night before so the winners can ride in the parade. 

Dave, me, Dad and Mom waiting for the parade to start.

Dave and me
Julie's cute little baby girl, her name is Afton.

Part of the Noakes, Natalie, Jody, Derrick, and Julie.

Julie running for the candy and I believe a ping pong ball that they were throwing to the crowd.
Ann, another Noakes girl, who is now a Davidson, that is her husband Ben Davidson.

They had a tank in the parade.
And Alpacas!!

Big draft horses pulling a tractor.

Little tiny ponies pulling a wagon.

And of course a John Deere tractor! 

After the parade we went to the park to see the little booths they had there. There wasn't much to look at this year. After that we went to the Gilgen's residence (Jody's parent's house) and had a wonderful lunch, it consisted of lamb sandwiches, chips and dips, and a lot of salads which were all delicious! It was fun to go and visit with the Noakes, and spend time with Jody's family. They are great people to be around. Those who might be interesting in going to Lamb Day next year, its the 3rd weekend of every July in Fountain Green. I think it is at least worth a visit. :)

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