Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update on the garden and the chickens

So I haven't written about the garden or the chickens in a while. Here are some photos of what is going on with them.
The garden is finally producing some stuff. Its still off to a slow start because of that late snow storm we had, but it is making progress.
There is one lonely Anaheim pepper.

Here are some green steak tomatoes.

The green and yellow beans are finally growing, even some of the frost bitten ones are starting to get bigger.

 Carrots, we thought they were never going to come up.

Delicious raspberries!
These are some Roma tomatoes.

The lettuce is still going strong. 

As are the potatoes!

Excited for the yellow squash!

And for these green peppers. They are so tiny and there was only these two.

I let the chickens out in the garden to pick and scratch at the dirt. The pictures that follow are from that.

This is one of the Black Sexlinks, and I think the prettiest bird. I love the coloring on them.

Here is the smallest Rhode Island Red, she came right up to me.

This is one of the Golden Sexlinks.

My rooster, I have nicknamed him Little Jerry. Sadly he won't be with us to much longer. 

 I caught one a picture of one of the birds when she was flapping her wings.

All of them out at once.

Rooster in all his glory.

Curious birds.

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures of my crazy chickens and the wonderful growing garden.

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Shelly said...

I am so jealous of how good your garden is doing! Ours is struggling, but I guess it isn't too bad for our first try=)