Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Payson Lake / 24th Of July Weekend

For the 24th of July my family went camping at Payson Lake, which is just up from Payson, Utah and also I believe on the back side of Mt. Nebo...or is it the front? Any way, we found out the day before we were suppose to go that an aggressive bear had been hanging out in the campgrounds so they told us we couldn't come camp there. We were afraid we weren't going to get to go anywhere since everywhere was booked. We found out Solider Creek had campsites available, which is above Strawberry Reservoir so we planned on going there. Two hours before we were suppose to leave we got a call from the camp host at Payson saying they caught the bear and we were welcome to come there! We were excited that we got to go where we had planned since we hadn't been to Payson Lake in so long. The bad news is they had to kill the bear since he was so aggressive. We had a fun time though, we fished, swam, cooked good food, canoed, and just enjoyed each others company.

Cows in the campground

Shaylee riding her Razor scooter 

Shaylee and Stacey

Our cover over the picnic tables, my Dad came up with the idea.

 The Fro

R-DEAN!! Aka: Dad

Chandler and Shaylee doing crafts.

Shaylee and Bart giving a thumbs up for the canoe ride.

Caden and Chandler all set to go.

And they're off!

Delicious burgers and Wrangler hot dogs that we had the first night.

 Payson Lake

Pot gut! These little critters were everywhere! And they got into everything.

Caden and Dad sitting around the fire.

Stacey and Shaylee eating roasted marshmallows.

Coloring before breakfast.

Stuffed french toast with sausage! Delicious!

Breakfast time

So pretty in pink!

The kids made bracelets and rings.

Dad reeling in a fish at Box Lake which is walking distance from Payson Lake.

Me with my first catch for the weekend.

I love taking photos of him doing something he enjoys.

And he always makes sure I get evidence of his catches! :)

Ducks! They weren't afraid to swim up to you.

Box Lake

Blake, always making people laugh.

Bart and Shaylee swimming.

 Dad and Blake came over to where we were swimming by canoe.

The only photo that had me in it of us swimming I dared to put up. :)

Playing Golf Lasso

Yummy dutch oven ribs and potatoes! Oh how I love dutch oven food!

 I went out in the canoe with Blake and Nick the night before we left.

When I came home Saturday the 24th I went to the Bee's baseball game with Dave.

The ball field was packed! We bought seats to sit on the grass but we were a little late so there was not really anywhere you could sit and actually watch the game, so we listened.

Dave and I (we look photo shopped in this picture but it was just how we were sitting that makes it look weird.)

The Bee's won 17 to 1 against Colorado Springs Sky Soxes? I think that was their name.

We go to go onto the field to watch the 24th of July fireworks.

My timing on the fireworks was off, so I didn't get any amazing ones.

Except this one! I thought this turned out cool.


Shelly said...

What a fun family campout! Looks great=)

kstalder said...

How beautiful! And all the food looks sooo yummy. I think ya'll need to come and cook for us...we tend to stick with hot dogs and marshmellows! Glad you had fun!