Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apricot Jam

My parents have this Apricot tree in their backyard, and as you can tell it is weighed down with fruit! So I voted to make Apricot Jam. Apricot Jam is probably one of my favorite jams on toast.

 Ripe and ready for the pickin!

If you look closely you can tell that some of the fruit is over ripe and starting to go bad.

 This is just some of the Apricots we picked

Bottles getting ready for jam.

 Preparing the jam for the jars.

 Pouring the jam into the cute little jam bottles I found.

The final product!! It was fairly easy to make. And hopefully they turn out to be delicious! Next up Raspberry Jam!

My Mom also bottled some Apricots. Which by the way taste really good in dutch oven cobbler! You should try it!


kstalder said...

Looks yummy! Wanna send some my way???

Hollie said...

I most certainly will!