Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fresh Vegetables

Here's a look at some of the great vegetables our garden is producing.

Roma tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Star Tomaotes

Green bell peppers, which I have already used some for stuffed peppers, they were great! I am also getting some red bell peppers in, they are still green right now.

Jalapeno peppers, can't wait to make jalapeno poppers!

Pablano peppers

 Anaheim peppers

Red potatoes

Cucumbers, I am going to try and pickle some of these.

We finally got some zucchini! But there are only two vegetables on the entire plant.

The yellow zucchini was the same, we went all summer without any and now there are two growing also.

The tops of the carrots, not as many as we hoped but at least there are some.

We also have grapes growing on the grape vine.



Parsley I didn't plant, I did plant some Italian parsley in the planter box, this parsley just popped up in the flowers and is overtaking everything next to it.

Not all my herbs made it. :( This is my cilantro, I am going to have to take better care of these next year. I kind of forgot about them this year.

Banana squash

Green beans

Tomatillos, this plant needs to be planted with nothing around it. They get huge, and it is smothering my other peppers.


Jamie said...

Hey how come I didn't see one weed in all those pictures.

I love pictures of gardens. I don't know why they make me so happy.

kstalder said...

Beautiful pictures!