Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Prize Behind Door #8

What is door #8 you ask?

 This is door #8, it is the door to the chicken coop. It is rarely closed though.

We keep it propped open like this so the chickens inside don't get too hot. 

The injured bird has made a home behind this door, look what I found behind the door when I went out to feed this morning.

An egg!! I didn't think she would ever lay cause of her injury, she sure proved me wrong! 

I gathered a total of 8 eggs today! That is the most I have ever gotten in one day so far. It is pretty neat to go out and see all the different colors and sizes of eggs the chickens have laid. Don't stick your hand in while they are nesting to gather the eggs, they'll peck ya! I learned that the hard way :).

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